PlayStation 5 will be taking gaming to the next level

Without an official release date, people are estimating that the PlayStation 5 will be released around November 2020. This may seem like a long way away but there have already been teasers and demos released. Excitement is building up and the PS5 looks to be a huge upgrade to the PS4.

Huge improvements have been made to the graphics rendering module and the cloud gaming performance. This has been shown off by Sony themselves during a corporate strategy presentation. They emphasized that it will be “immersive” and “seamless” thanks to the ultra-fast broadband SSD.

Next Generation Remote Play

Remote play is currently available as part of the PlayStation 4 package which allows you to live stream a video game directly from the PS4 to a laptop, computer, mobile phone, tablet or the PS Vita handheld console. However, going forward, Sony want to make this a more reliable and stable service by using the most recent computing, streaming and 5G technology.

Sony also did a live demo of the custom SSD storage system that will be used for the PS5 with incredible results. The SSD proved to be 19 times quicker than the standard PS4 one.

Sony has been constantly revealing new information, but the price, the release date and the exact name is yet to be revealed. The performance to price ratio is always an important factor when it comes to games consoles. Given the current stats and the huge increase in performance, everyone is wondering if they will be able to find the perfect ratio to ensure that the console remains affordable.

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